About the protocol

The story so far..

1st December 2023

LiquidEther Airdrop is officially launched & rewards are being sent out.

17th October 2023

LiquidEther's coin is released to the public & being rolled out to major DEX exchanges.

24th September 2023

All LiquidEther investors are able to withdraw their tokens without any lock-up periods.

28th June 2022

Early investors & ICO participants are able to trade their tokens after the lock-up period.

28th November 2021

Protocol DAO Governance Phase 0 is started to being worked on.

21st April 2021

"Migrate your validator" is launched.

8th March 2021

LiquidEther undergoes official stress-tests & bug tests by the best bountry hunters.

2nd February 2021

Binance and Kucoin decide to join in.

28th January 2021

Bluestone is officially announced.

25th December 2020

Coinbase decides to participate in LiquidEther's ICO.

11th December 2020

Liquid is successfully launched.

1st January 2020

The Road Map Prioritisation post is launched for discussion for the protocol, codenamed "Liquid".

5th November 2019

Jeffrey Wilcke, one of the original Ethereum creators decides to start up a liquid staking protocol.