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LiquidEther airdropped a part of Ethereum users the team deemed valuable, if you have received a gift from us, you can exchange it to regular ETH or any other coin by clicking on the Claim Reward button & connecting the eligible wallet!

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Liquid Staking 🌊

Stake your ETH at no risk, withdraw whenever you want & earn rewards!

9.87 % APR

based on 7 day average

Start by staking any amount!

Earn rewards by depositing 0.01 Ethereum or more!

Earn rewards over time

LiquidETH earns rewards over time - increasing it's value. Just sit back and enjoy the profits!

How do I unstake?

You can unstake at any time, with no extra costs. We don't have any lock up periods.

Use in DeFi (Stay Tuned 👀)

Trade on all DEX exchanges, provide them with liquidity to earn even more rewards, use as collateral!

Node staking

Stake your Ethereum by running a full 32-ETH node easier. We handle all the coding/transaction related stuff for you! 🤝

11.24 % APR

based on 7 day average

+ LiquidEther Rewards!


ETH Staked


Node Operators

134 +


Migrate your Validator 🌐

Migrate your solo validator to LiquidEther to earn extra rewards!

Convert your 32 ETH validators into 8 ETH ones

Convert your 32 ETH validators into 8 ETH ones using LiquidEther!

Balanced APY

Our APY stays balanced and barely ever changes, it has been stress-tested over the years.

Earn Commission

Running a validator by yourself doesn't pay you any extra rewards, LiquidEther does! 💸



Trade with your staked Ethers on your favourite decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap/0x & other reputable ones! (Coming Q1-Q2 2024)